Odin-RVB Europe is conveniently located in central Rotterdam, a major maritime hub for production, transportation and logistics. Established in 1998, its active trading floor is comprised of highly experienced specialty tanker brokers, vegetable tanker brokers, large tanker brokers, and barge brokers, who are complimented by progressive operational teams that use some of the latest technologies in the business. The office shares a global presence with all the other offices, interconnected via our global virtual network for conferencing, project collaboration, and live streaming of shipping transactions and ship movements.

Odin Marine Group
CEO – Managing Director

Richard R. Appell


Peter van den Akker



Peter van den Akker
Athanasios Chaikalis
Philippe Guldentops
Patrick Hartman
Eric Lit
Nicky van de Manacker
Abel Nieto
Brian Pinkster
Wessel Ter Laare
Krien van Beek
Victor van der Blom
Joep van Huizen
Herman Weyschede


Roy Bekenes
Rick Hoftijzer
Patrick in ‘t Veen
Mischa Kooij
Laurens Krijthe
Paul van Mazijk
Adrienne Oskam
Nadine Peterson – Zuiverloon
Steve Sordam
Roy van Bemmel
Jeroen van Kessel
Helen Werkman
Pascal Wiegmann


Athanasios Chaikalis
Philippe Guldentops
Mischa Kooij