As a subsidiary of the Odin Marine Group, Odin-RVB Barging Europe offers an entirely new concept in the inland/barge industry. It has introduced the traditional ocean freight brokerage into the barge transportation market. Odin-RVB Barging acts as both a freight trader and as an independent broker, offering our customers transparent logistics solutions.

The company can be briefly characterized as follows:

  • Professionals with vast experience in the barge industry.
  • A fully independent brokerage company.
  • An organization having complete insight into all activities of The Odin Marine Group.
The main activities of this company are to:

  • Provide independent barge-market information.
  • Offer tanker (barge) broker facilities.
  • Provide the best logistic matches by scanning the barge market on a case-by-case basis.
Contact Information

Primary Office

Rotterdam – Odin-RVB Barging Europe B.V.




Staff Members


Abel Nieto, (M) +31-61-010-9478


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