We are proud to announce that the Odin Marine Group has officially launched a global gas desk as from August 1st, 2019.

Gas is a commodity that has a bright and promising future and has been, until now, the ‘Missing Link’ within Odin’s activities. Moving into the gas market is an important and logical next step in the evolution of the Odin Marine Group.

The department will be headed by Samantha Juca who has a proven track-record in the gas and chemical markets. For the past fifteen years Samantha has been active in the gas and petrochemical industry and worked in different positions, such as Export Trader, Senior Freight Trader and Head of Chartering.
With this background we are convinced she will be a great addition to our global team and our future strategies and aspirations.

Although the gas desk will be based in Europe, it should be emphasized that this department is a result of our global approach and cooperation between all Odin offices world-wide.

The Odin Marine Group has been a global leader for decades in the petrochemical, oil, and products trades. We now commence our journey in this exciting and promising sector of shipping and logistics business. This will put the company in a very unique position to assist our clients in an “across the board” service.

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Rotterdam – Odin-RVB Europe B.V.



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Samantha Juca, (M) +31-61-279-6494