Specialty & Chemicals

The Odin-RVB Europe B.V. Specialty & Chemicals department is comprised of a diverse set of brokers, operators, and analysts that work closely with major oil, petrochemical, and international traders on a world-wide scale. The group’s office is conveniently located in central Rotterdam, the epicenter of a major maritime hub for production, transportation and logistics, which provides the versatility and ability to give clients the most competitive freight packages. Brokers, operators, and analysts are constantly engaged in the collection of real-time data on shipping transactions and ship movements, searching out, evaluating and selecting the best possible solutions for each client’s individual shipping requirements.

Contact Information

Primary Office

Rotterdam – Odin-RVB Europe B.V.



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Staff Members


Peter van den Akker, (M) +31-65-335-8806
Athanasios Chaikalis, (M) +31-64-224-3434
Philippe Guldentops, (M) +32-47-523-3547
Clemens Kegl, (M) +31-68-316-0769
Nicky van de Manacker, (M) +31-62-344-9149
Abel Nieto, (M) +31-61-010-9478
Brian Pinkster, (M) +31-61-089-0604


Mischa Kooij, (M) +31-62-399-5807
Paul van Mazijk, (M) +31-64-619-9305
Adrienne Oskam, (M) +31-65-105-4416
Nadine Peterson – Zuiverloon, (M) +31-64-180-8292
Helen Werkman, (M) +31-62-280-2235
Rob Westerwoudt, (M) +31-65-156-3590
Pascal Wiegmann, (M) +31-65-110-2635


Athanasios Chaikalis
Philippe Guldentops
Mischa Kooij