Vegetable Oil

The Odin Marine Europe B.V. Vegetable Oil desk is closely connected with our US office, which has over 30 years of brokering experience and has earned a high level of trust and prestige in servicing the vegetable oil and fats market. In order to better service our clients and widen our scope worldwide, all major producers and traders of vegetable oils, castor oils, biofuels, tallow, and UAN products are able to closely link with us in their respective time zones. The desk is fully engaged in tracking shipping movements, evaluating shipping solutions, and executing optimal solutions for each client’s requirements against the global challenges in shipping.

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Rotterdam – Odin Marine Europe B.V.



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Staff Members


Patrick Hartman, (M) +31-65-152-3803
Victor van der Blom, (M) +31-62-700-2806
Joep van Huizen, (M) +31-61-332-7880
Herman Weyschede, (M) +31-65-115-1168


Roy Bekenes, (M) +31-64-114-3399
Lauarens Krijthe, (M) +31-65-204-6858
Paul van Mazijk, (M) +31-64-619-9305
Roy van Bemmel, (M) +31-68-350- 0279
Jeroen van Kessel, (M) +31-62-700-2805