Odin Marine Spain, S.L. is located in Barcelona, one of the busiest Mediterranean ports increasingly serving in recent years as a hub for other destinations in the south of Europe and Africa. Our office is right in the center of the city and nearby the port. The Spanish office was officially established in December 2014. The mission of this new office within the group is to strengthen our presence in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea including the African and other Latin areas. Moreover, we see the move as a logical desire to be closer to some existing clients.

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Odin Marine Group CEO – Managing Director

Richard R. Appell


Gökhan Algin, (M) +31-682-069-760
Melih Ciftehan, Chartering Manager, (M) +31-61-307-5119
Ruben Gutierrez, (M) +31-68-268-4036
Jorge Parada, Director, (M) +34-63-685-6018
Marc Terradellas, (M) +31-68-269-0823


Baytu Altuntas, (M) +31-65-701-3837
Peter Medici, (M) +31-68-217-0646
Monica Monge, (M) +31-61-346-8428
Inchang Son, (M) +31 651 769 260
David Tapias, (M) +34-63-985-9062