United Arab Emirates

Specializing in Chemical Brokerage, Odin Marine Middle East is a continuing testament to the company’s global presence and strength in the deep-sea chemical industry. This office is part of the established Odin network team of brokers and logistics specialists around the world, providing our clients with exceptional expertise and service. This office has expanded its portfolio rapidly and has an established portfolio of contracts of affreightment and spot activity. Further expansions are planned, as we see a great future in the area of our business.

Odin Marine Middle East is a state-of-the-art office located in Executive Heights in Dubai, equipped with the latest sophisticated technologies to support seamless communication with our customers and all Odin world offices. The office provides tanker chartering services, market intelligence, and logistics support tailored to each client’s needs.

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Staff Members

Odin Marine Group CEO – Managing Director

Richard R. Appell

Specialty & Chemicals Brokers

Nariman Barazandeh
Ali Reza Dehkani
Paul Henking, Commercial Manager
George C. Papadopoulos


Irene de Klerk
Nabilah Yusnaini