United States

The Odin Marine Group’s world headquarters is located in the United States with offices in New York and Connecticut, where the majority of its support team of brokers, operators, logistic analysts, administration, and consultants are situated. All offices are closely linked to one another with sophisticated technologies to keep every office across the world closely monitored and managed to ensure the high quality expertise and services we deliver from all our departments.

Odin Marine Group Managing Director

Richard R. Appell


Marty G. Kontyko
Konrad Lang
Neil Mulhern


Richard R. Appell, Odin Marine Group Managing Director
Henrique Castrioto
Liam Huvane
Hasan Kayar
Marty G. Kontyko
Konrad Lang
Nicholas H. Matheson
Kevin J. McSpirit
Matt Mozelak
Neil Mulhern
Ryan Olmstead
Scott E. Peterson
Andrew Semesjuk, US Flag
Hugh B. Simpson
Dan Strahan


Richie Christian Appell
Randall Brooks
Greg Clum
Andrew Colleran
Garret Cousineau
John Fitzsimmons
Michael R. McCormick, Large Tankers Ops Manager
Jason Roberts
Andrew Semesjuk

Project/Sale & Purchase

Kevin J. McSpirit

Accounting, Administrative, & IT

Kathy Barta
Dennis Conetta, Controller
Julie H. Cosenza, Chief Administrative Officer
Maria Gonzalez
Nancy Izquierdo


Mike Ghajar
Andrii Kaplia


Jeffrey C. Coats, Jr.
Andrew Semesjuk