Large Tanker

Odin Marine’s roots started in this area in 1976. The Large Tanker department (mainly crude oil, carbon black, and clean petroleum products) has been providing full-service brokerage to our clients for almost four decades. Valuable and timely market intelligence, comprehensive post fixture support, and of course cost-efficient chartering are the cornerstones of our Large Tanker desk. The department specializes in servicing vessels including VLCCs, Suezmaxes, Aframaxes, Panamaxes, and MRs 24 hours a day. Our USA operation has some of the most experienced brokers in the business. Our Singapore crude desk is considered one of the most active crude brokers in Asia.

The department is a highly functional chartering desk with a presence in all liquid bulk markets and trade lanes, providing market coverage and analysis on the movements of crude oils, dirty and clean petroleum products. Its group mission is to work closely with its clients, both owners and charterers, and to provide the support they require in order to increase efficiency and maximize returns.

Contact Information

Primary Office

Southport, CT






Staff Members

Crude / Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP) Brokers

Nicholas H. Matheson
Matt Mozelak
Hugh B. Simpson

Clean Petroleum Products (CPP) Brokers

Marty G. Kontyko
Neil Mulhern


Andrew Colleran
Michael R. McCormick, Large Tankers Ops Manager
Connor Reid


Jeffrey C. Coats, Jr.
Alpman Ilker
Andrew Semesjuk